A Teachers New Tool

The classroom is the first place where kids learn a lot of things. They will be able to learn the alphabet, numbers and other basic things. They will also learn how to use their interpersonal skills by interacting with fellow students and teachers every day. However, the teacher’s innovative ways of teaching will enable the child to learn much more that is why there is a bold encouragement that teachers should think out of the box when it comes to their teaching strategies and all those methods that goes into teaching. They are advised to use new ways in the method of their teaching that will ignite the passion for learning in their students.

Play to Learn


One of the very popular games that kids play is the hangman game. Hangman game is a word game designed to be played by adults. However, due to the influence of technology, the hangman game was revolutionized and converted in order to be played in a computer or a mobile platform like what we have now. On the other hand, teachers who are considered to be, who are, by the way considered by kids to all knowing, can use the hangman game as a fun learning experience for their students. By using a wide screen monitor, the whole class is able to play the game in an organized fashion. This particular game can be played during their English subject. Kids will love the challenge and the guessing technique will encourage every student to participate.

Some teachers who have already done using the Hangman game in their class says that their class had a fun and exciting learning experience during the activity and the benefits are very evident on the kid’s attitude. Other teachers have further verbalized that the kids have been very excited to learn new words because they enjoyed while learning them. With all these positive response coming from the teachers themselves, don’t you think that the Hangman game is an effective tool for teaching and that you need to try it to your own classroom?