A Test for Your Vocabulary

Having a vast vocabulary is a skill that most of us aspire to have. With all the words that is on the dictionary, it is very hard for us to evaluate whether we know a lot of words or not. There are even times that we know how to say the word but we do not know what the meaning of it and there are times as well that we know the meaning of the word but we messed up in spelling it. In reality, learning new words to expand our vocabulary is not an easy task to perform. However, there are ways to achieve it.

Reading is one of the best ways to learn new words. Reading the daily paper is the best resource anybody can have. Watching movies and listening intently in the dialogue will help in the right pronunciation of the word. Reading will enhance your spelling skills while listening will help you pronounce the words correctly. These skills are essential in the complete development of your vocabulary skills.


The Test

How would you know that you have sufficient word knowledge? Or how would you evaluate you own vocabulary? Well, you might have some difficulty in this but there are ways to test vocabulary skills. One way of knowing is by playing. Playing a certain game that requires you to be knowledgeable enough about words, particularly spelling them will help you evaluate yourself vocabulary wise. The Hangman game is a skill test for words. As a player you are given five tries to guess the letters on the blank spaces provided on the screen of a computer or any handheld device.

Initially, the player is not given any hint on what the word is all about. So the player needs to use his ability on smart guessing to guess the correct letter. As he starts to reveal letters on the blank spaces, he will then have an idea of what the word is and be able to correctly select the remaining letters in order to complete the word of the blanks space. Moreover, being good at spelling words, will definitely help you win the game. Ultimately, the Hangman game is the best test for your vocabulary skills and you’ll have fun doing it.