The game Hangman is a guessing game which can be played by two players. It can also be applicable as a classroom activity where the whole class guesses the word and the instructor is the one tallying the correct letters and places each correct letter on the right position according to the word being guessed.

Originally, the hangman game was founded during the Victorian times, at around 1984 and considered to be one of the traditional word games at that time. There are rules to be followed on the game and mechanics which made the game very interesting. Because it’s a guessing game, it really has the element of excitement in it because there are no hints on what the correct answer is. All the players will do is to rely to what they know and give it their best shot.


Upgraded Version

In the late 1990s, a version of the Hangman game was introduced as a PC game. The PC version of the hangman game became so popular that it has stormed into homes and offices very quickly. Because of its accessibility, most individual who own a computer just got to have it and if you don’t have it, you’re not in the “in” crowd.  As the game gained more popularity, the game is bound to make some upgrades to increase its playability and yes, developers of the created a lot of version of the hangman game which was dependent on what their consumers demands are.

However, the one feature that the computer versions of Hangman have was that it can now be played by a lone player. The original game requires two players and each player has a definite function, but with the PC version, the game allows a single player mode and this mode is as challenging as having two players playing the game.

All the versatility that is added to the Hangman game only helped it to be more popular and presently, they have developed some versions of the hangman game that is compatible with any mobile platform. So, this goes to say that, it does not matter if the game is old, as long as it challenges the mind and the intellect of the player, it a game that needs to be played.